About Laura


Hello and welcome. My name is Laura Lo Bue and I am a qualified Bowen Technique Therapist and Dru Yoga Trainee Teacher based in Derbyshire.  I trained as a Bowen Technique Therapist with the European College of Bowen Studies, graduating in 2011. I am training with DRU UK for my full teacher training qualification and have passed my assessment to teach DRU Yoga to students.

I started training in the Bowen Technique after receiving the therapy myself for three prolapsed discs in my lower back. My back had always been weak but after visiting numerous doctors and therapists I found their treatments only temporarily helped with my problem. It was then that I realised my back really needed a gentler therapy, which is when I discovered Bowen.

With the aid of Bowen treatments, over the course of three months I went from having intense pain in my back and finding walking extremely difficult to being able to move without discomfort.  This very positive experience made me want to qualify as a Bowen Technique practitioner so that I could help others benefit as I did from the therapy.

Around the same time I wanted to find a form of exercise that would compliment the treatment I had received and also help to gently build strength and suppleness in my body. Yoga was the solution. I had practised several forms of yoga before however I chose to focus on DRU Yoga for its accessibility and its flowing form. It is a wonderful form of yoga that you are sure to enjoy. I hope you will join me at one of my classes!