I have been to Laura 3 times now for treatment for pain in my mid-back and left shoulder. I wasn’t sure what too expect despite reading her information leaflet.

Laura’s therapy room is calm and relaxing and Laura made me feel comfortable immediately with her easy but professional manner. Laura recorded an extensive history of my problems, including ‘niggles’ in my left hip and a clicky jaw; things that are so easy to put up with!
I remained fully clothed during the treatment and was warm and comfortable, listening to the background music was soothing and I soon relaxed.

Laura treated my whole body, it was non-invasive and not painful at all. There is no massage, no harsh manipulation of bones and certainly no pain. I can’t fully explain the procedure but I will say - trust the process - trust Laura’s expertise and trust your body’s response.

I did have some aches the evening of the first treatment, but Laura had fully prepared me for this with personalised aftercare, including a couple of gentle exercises to help in the following days. The aches and soreness, mainly in my back subsided within 24 hours and with care I was able to complete light tasks that had caused me pain in previous months.

I had two follow up appointments weekly as recommended by Laura, these were just as relaxing and less achy following the treatments.
I would thoroughly recommend Laura’s Therapies and the Bowen Technique.

Thank you so much Laura.
— Bowen Technique: Lynne, 62
I have found Bowen technique to be relaxing, restorative and effective at dealing with various health complaints. I turned to Bowen technique as it so gentle that it is suitable for pregnancy and have been delighted with the results. I suffer from ongoing stress-related jaw, neck and shoulder tension and found that Bowen made these symptoms disappear. I now go for a treatment every few weeks as maintenance, if I feel at all stressed or tired.

I have found Bowen really helpful for various pregnancy-related symptoms. During my second trimester my left hip started to feel really sore when walking up hills or for a long period of time. Laura treated it for me and this pain has not returned since! Now that I’m in my third trimester I am starting to feel some pelvic discomfort and lower-back achiness- happily I know that Bowen technique will help me to manage this too.

I also suffer from hayfever and was struggling to manage my symptoms as I couldn’t take antihistamines due to being pregnant. I was delighted that Bowen technique lessened my symptoms significantly so that I could finally sleep comfortably.

Laura is understanding and supportive, as well as very talented at Bowen technique. I have found her to be a brilliant practitioner and have recommended her to my friends and family too. I would encourage all pregnant women to give it a go in particular as it a gentle treatment that is so effective at helping with pregnancy symptoms.
— Bowen Technique: Victoria
Before I came to you I had tried everything to help with the constant pain in my neck and shoulder and hip.  Conventional physio did not help, strong analgesics gave side effects so I had resigned myself to living with pain.  Then like a gift from god I heard about you.  I had never heard of Bowen Therapy before so I was a complete virgin!  Wow! Even after the first treatment I felt a thousand - no - a million times better!  Could it be that I don’t have to put up with pain?  Your treatments have improved my quality of life and I cannot thank you enough.  I recommend that anyone who thinks they have to live with pain come to you, spend time in your relaxing room, listen to calming music and have the gentlest yet most effective hands on treatment.
— Bowen Technique: Lorraine
I have suffered with lower back pain for almost a year (diagnosed as arthritis of the spine by a physiotherapist).  I then started to get occasional sciatica too.  The physiotherapy did not help at all.  I was beginning to despair that I would never be free of this pain. The pain was worse first thing in the morning and after sitting for periods of time.  My back just seemed to stiffen up.

I then went to Laura for Bowen therapy.  I had a course of 3 sessions over 3 weeks.  After the third treatment my symptoms seemed to virtually disappear.  I had some recurring pain after trying a new exercise at the gym.  I then had another Bowen treatment which sorted this out.

I found the Bowen experience very relaxing and therapeutic.  It is reassuring to know that if my pain does return there is a treatment to help.
— Bowen Technique: Lesley, 51
“I have suffered with pain in my neck for about 3 years.  My neck was so stiff that I had difficulty moving my head to the left and right.

I had 3 sessions of Bowen with Laura last year, this eased the pain and stiffness.  I returned for another 3 sessions this year as my neck had begun to cause me problems again.  This has once again eased my pain and stiffness. I don’t think I will ever completely recover from this problem.  I am happy to have Bowen therapy as a method of greatly reducing my symptoms to make my neck more manageable.
— Bowen Technique: Andy, 52

I play a lot of rugby and am always getting knocks and bruises. I have recently been experiencing pain in my right shoulder and left ankle. I came to see Laura and after a couple of sessions I started to notice pain in both areas easing. The hardest thing for me was resting between sessions to help speed up the recovery period but it was worth it in the end.
— Bowen Technique: Neil, 30
A lovely welcoming yoga class that stretches you out, gives you quality time to focus on yourself and you sleep so well afterwards! Love it!! Thanks Laura a great teacher.
— Dru Yoga: Joanna L
I highly recommend Laura’s Dru Yoga class. Laura is so warm and welcoming. She caters for all different levels and needs with understanding. The fluid movements both stretch you out and energise while also being fun. She ends the session with a relaxation which is bliss and her beautiful Welsh tones nearly lull me to sleep each week. As a busy mum of three it is so nice to have this quality time for myself and has really helped with my stress levels.
— Dru Yoga: Catherine
I’m really enjoying Laura’s Dru yoga sessions. The fluid routines are fun and energising, and then the relaxation at the end is bliss. I’d highly recommend.
— Dru Yoga: Rowan